The United Kingdom’s education system is excellent and ranks among the best in the world. A country with increasing diversity of population has become a melting pot for people from all over the globe. A UK’s qualification is recognized by employers all over the world as prestigious and of a very high quality. All courses increases independence, creativity and self reliance. UK has a proud history of world’s best leaders, business creators, academicians and artists.
The UK traditionally offers 3-year undergraduate degrees and 1-year masters program at its universities. If you are an international or EU student who needs to improve their English or meet conditional offer agreements, foundation courses and English language schools can help you hit your targets. UK is one of the top three countries for higher education. It has some of the top universities in the world like the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge and some others which roots back in the 12th and 13th century. UK is one of the safest countries with the highest number of international students from multi cultural background. UK universities are ranked among the highest in the top[ 100 by times highest education world university rankings. UK degrees are more intensive with shorter duration and international recognition that make their resume stand out to future employers.
In addition to the standard 3 years undergraduate degree, a joint or dual-honours undergraduate degree will see students split their time across two different courses, meaning a large choice of modules and increased job options after you graduate. A sandwich course will last four years and involve spending one year at a work placement related to your field of study.
There are four main types of Masters level program, Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MSc), Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Engineering (MEng), with each lasting 1-2 years full-time. On a taught programme, students are expected to attend weekly seminars, tutorials and lectures, much like an undergraduate degree, and assessment can be via exam, dissertation or project.
A Research degree will see students take more responsibility for their work and schedule, basing their study around a thesis while being supervised by an academic. The most popular research degree is a PhD, which can take 3-4 years to complete, and consists of writing a thesis between 60,000 – 100,000 words which is then presented in an oral examination. Other types of Research degree include the Master of Science (MSc), Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) and Master of Research (M.Research). These degrees are similar to a PhD, but not as academically demanding with papers being much shorter

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